Open Shiksha

Adaptive Learning and Educational Analytics




Open Shiksha is a non-profit educational platform designed to improve concept retention and learning outcomes for students. We support classes 7th to 10th for Maths and Science and also include concept refreshers for classes 1st – 10th to ensure that students have the neccessary background to solve more difficult problems. All our content is available in English and Hindi and is based on the CBSE board structure.

Our platform leverages educational games, interactive widgets and traditional input options like numerical answers and MCQs. Our mission is to make practising Maths and Science as engaging as possible for the student while simultaneously providing teachers and administrators with curated information with which to make data-driven decisions.

Our Open Model enables students to create accounts directly from the website and access all our content for free. Students can progress through the various assignments at their own pace and our algorithms will provide personalised feedback on their performance and suggestions for which concepts need more focus.

Our Partnership Model provides educational non-profits and schools with administrator accounts which they can use to create virtual classrooms and add student, teacher and parent accounts. Our platform enables these organisations to improve student performance, analyse different teaching methods and make data driven decisions.

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Key Features
  • Advanced analytics identify student strengths and weaknesses and provide detailed insights into concepts that need further attention.
  • Personalised feedback, based on past performance, targets specific learning outcomes.
  • Formulaic templates generate close to an infinite number of questions, preventing student copying and ensuring unlimited practice.
  • Automated correction eradicates repetitive, time consuming correction for teachers.
  • Statistical tools analyse student, teacher and school performance and identify systemic issues and areas of improvement.
  • Administrator accounts allow educational organisations to track and analyse multiple metrics, allowing data-driven management decisions.
  • Auto-generated report cards, data visualisations and a dedicated parent interface facilitate parent-school engagement.
  • Seamless integration with mobile and tablet platforms allow grassroots organisations to leverage low-cost technology to provide students with a high value learning platform.